Build Energy is an active brand in consulting, developing and coordinating Energy Efficiency in company structures.

In 10 years of professional activity we approached to all the main and most reliable technologies and solutions for Energy Efficiency and the production of Renewable Energy.

In addition, our commitment has been extended to the selection of General Contractors (Build Energy Industrial Partners) able to carry out the works on behalf of our clients in a qualified and reliable way.

As part of the Consulting business, we support the customer with in-dept analysis in order to evaluate possible interventions in their own business establishments.

At the most advanced stage of consulting, we are working together with the customer in order to define the correct implementation process:

  • Implementation of energy audits
  • Preparation of the interventions and investments Gantt
    -Obtain all the Permissions for the implementation of the interventions
  • Identifying suitable contractual formulas
  • Access to incentive forms
  • Analysis and detection of industrial partners (General Contractors) for the realization of the interventions

All this aimed at:

  • The best realization timing
  • The highest reliability of the executive industrial partner
  • The highest energetic and economic performance of the interventions
  • The best technical and administrative management post-interventions

Development and coordination
In the development phase of the selected projects, we coordinate the General Contractor delegated for the execution of the interventions, in order to achieve the performance stated on the Gantt defined with the customer.

We handle all the requirements and needs of the customer in order to coordinate the various operating actors in the project (professionals, designers, general contractor, customer) with the purpose to assist the customer in every request.

In the next phase of the project, we assist the customer with all the necessary administrative tasks (activating machine warranties, obtaining incentives and anything else).


Within Energy Efficiency in company structures, Build Energy operates throughout selected General Contractors (Build Energy Industrial Partners).

Our Partners deal with Energy Efficiency in the field of business, organized in different business units according to the specific activities:

  1. Energy Efficiency Interventions
  2. Energy supply contracts
  3. Distribution of technological equipment

The Partners distinguishe themself in Italian territory as:

  • Thought of a remarkable internal engineering structure
  • High energy experience
  • Operative in all areas, solutions and technologies of Energy Efficiency
  • Financial capability for carrying out the operations, including with own capital

The activities are developed in the following areas:

  • Efficiency of thermal consumption of buildings (generation and thermal insulation of buildings)
  • Efficiency of electricity consumption (buildings and production processes)
  • Renewable energy (photovoltaic, solar thermal, other)

Important Italian companies have already benefited from the operation of Build Energy and Partners.

By way of example, the most frequent types of intervention concern:

  • LED technology
  • Photovoltaic plants
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Efficiency and replacement electric motors
  • Inverter installation
  • High efficiency UPS
  • Heat up
  • Replacement of heat generators with heat pumps

Build Energy and Partners also carry out, in conjunction with the installation of photovoltaic systems, interventions for environmental improvement related to the reclamation of asbestos and the refurbishment of the roofs.

In addition to the implementation and interventions projects, we provide matched services such as:

  • Consultancy and energy audits
  • Monitoring of energy consumption and machine operation
  • Incentives management
  • Regulatory adaptation systems

With regard to the investment approach, we are able to provide our plants financed by us with multiple contract formulas such as:

  • Energy Performance Contract (ESCo-Energy Service Company)
  • Operational Rental

We are among the few facilities in Italy to provide Photovoltaic Systems with Operational Rental Scheme.

These formulas allow our customer to benefit from energy efficiency and acquire plants avoiding the use of own resources or to activate dedicated bank financing.
Upon expiration of the contract, the plants become the property of the customer, who continues to take advantage of energy efficiency without paying any fees for using the supplied equipment.

Of course, by offering us as a long-term partner for our customers, we are able to perform maintenance services for all types of treated plants.

If requested, we can also provide maintenance even with full service formula: efficiency and production guarantee.

In conjunction with any type of energy efficiency, we provide an energy-monitoring system developed with our internal engineering.

In addition to allowing the most complete monitoring of plant consumption, our system is developed on an open platform that allows, through IOT technology (Internet of Things), the further insertion of information and provisions specifically provided by the customer.
Such as an example we can offer the possibility of installing an app for video surveillance or for remote control studied and developed on the customer needs.

This monitoring and management system allows us to present Build Energy and Partners as the ideal partner for managing multi-site business groups, guaranteeing a complete tracking of all group building structures through a single interlocutor and a single technology platform.


LEED® certification – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – is the world’s most prestigious energy and environmental certification label.

As part of quality research, Build Energy has partnered with the BEE Group (Hong Kong), world leader in LEED certification and among the very few certified in the world LEED® Proven Provider ™ for the rating system for Interior Design and Construction.

Build Energy is a reference representative of the BEE Group in Europe to provide the LEED certification.

BEE boasts of its most prestigious brands worldwide.

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